At present, few South Africans have access to the Internet. The country accounts for only 1.5 million out of 150 million Internet users worldwide. Gambling in South Africa is new too but there has been significant investment by land-based casino companies in recent years. In spite of South Africa's recurrent problems with violence, many South Africans still wouldn't choose to live anywhere else. It's a country where people debate in 11 different official languages and which has the world's newest and most liberal democratic constitution. It is difficult to imagine a country more vibrant and alive than this.

The great warriors of South Africa are the Zulus, and Shaka Zulu (1785-1828) is probably the most famous southern African in history. Shaka was a fierce and militaristic king, contributing to the murder of a million people. When he was 23, he was called to serve as a warrior and for six years he fought in various battles. He was never satisfied with mere submission; he fought for total annihilation. Later he was made the Zulu chieftain. From that day forward the Zulus were destined for fame. Shaka worked the Zulu warriors rigorously, treating them as clay for his molding. He punished the slightest hesitation with instant death. Known as Shaka the unshakeable, Thunderer-while-sitting, he instilled in his warriors the same fighting spirit he had. Unless already married, men had to be celibate and were forced to train for combat every day. The Zulus were reshaped into the most formidable fighting warriors in southern Africa. Enemies, and anyone who had offended Shaka in the slightest way, were brutally killed before breakfast.

The fabled King Solomon's mines were rich enough to bankroll the most profligate of would-be gamblers. The mineral wealth of the region was immense but remained unexploited. Shaka, then aged 41, was eventually stabbed to death by a half-brother, who succeeded him as ruler. Life with Shaka was itself a gamble.

If you even looked at Shaka for an instant, he might order your death. You could inadvertently catch the eye of a modern day pit boss and think nothing of it. If Shaka were alive today, catch his eye in an unguarded moment in the casino and you could expect a heavy native spear pinning you to the blackjack table!

Your only hope of avoiding trouble is that if you joined a group of friends playing online in Johannesburg, Durban or Cape Town, and saw a modern reincarnation of the great Zulu chieftain playing as well, he'd be so mesmerized by the new games that luckily he wouldn't even notice you!

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