So You Think A Casino Can Be Sexy?

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself what makes a casino “sexy?” To some gamblers, the sight of a newly opened blackjack table with a $ 500 limit is the sexiest thing on four legs. Others might have the same feelings about a stack of big denomination chips they’ve won that evening. Some might go for the smartest thing on two legs, the slinky cocktail waitress.
Some gamblers just swoon at the merest glimpse of the Las Vegas skyline. To the committed, those buildings, with their neon lights blinking in the black sky, are an invitation to an earthly paradise, the “sexiest” gaming location in the whole world.

There’s plenty of ritzy glamour associated with casinos, and there’s no mistaking the allure. So many of life’s pleasures or vices, depending on your viewpoint, under one roof, there for the taking: gambling, drinking, smoking, women, and cursing.

And Lady Luck herself, the capricious, flighty, will-o’-the-wisp creature is of course a woman. Whether a beautiful woman at your side will bring you luck depends as much as anything on how the cards fall for you on any particular night.
To be an effective gambler, who knows whether it is better to be inspired to flights of frantic but successful gambling with a leggy blonde accompanying you at the tables, or whether a gambler needs to be alone in order to concentrate on strategy?

A more prosaic view would be that a casino that doesn’t put you off the game with poor service and niggling faults but gives you top-class service with the fairest odds, that kind of casino could be described as “sexy.” One where there are no unpleasant surprises, no lies about what they promise you. Nothing is fixed or rigged. And if you win real money, you can collect your winnings without a murmur of dissent but graciously and quickly.
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